Ngoc has always been artistically inclined and set out on an unexpected path in life that led him to find his true passion.

Ngoc attended University Of California, Santa Cruz, he majored and graduated with a bachelor in studio arts. What he had not realized at the time was that painting, drawing, and photograhpy gave him a foundation of skills that were so completely transferrable to hairdressing.

Hairdressing had been an interest for Ngoc since he was young. His was first draw into the world of hairdressing was actually from watching make-over talk shows. This was just the beginning of many inspirations that led him to the path of hairdressing. Now after more than 10 years working in this industry (as you might expect) he sees the make-over shows in a whole new light!

His hairdressing career started in New York City where he trained under world renounded hair institutions. His foundational training was strict and rooted in percision cutting from Vidal Sasoon. While in NYC Ngoc worked with TV, Film, runway and editorial styling. These experiences and his training have forever shaped his artistic approach to Hair Styling.

Now after returning to his home roots in the Bay Area, Ngoc has settled his business in San Francisco and has built a strong clientelle over the past 7 years. He has a reputation for being kind hearted, creative, and consistent with his work.